KSW Colored Salts

Add some color to your diet!

About Us


KSW Colored Salt was founded in 2010 to help limit salt intake by showing how much salt is being used on various dishes. The salt is made of colored food dyes and table salt in a process that creates a refined product that holds its color and does not clump. Homemade colored salts will lose their coloring, clump up, or not show as brightly as KSW Colored Salts proven method for coloring salt. The salt also adds to culinary cooking, brightening up any kitchen table, or being featured in the color schemes of weddings, parties, and other events. KSW Colored Salt makes a great gift, and is great for team spirit or supporting your cause. KSW Colored Salt is available through monthly subscriptions, retail and direct online sales, and wholesale that is available to restaurants and retailers for resale.


Monthly Subscriptions

Monthly subscriptions are available for those trying to limit their salt intake. Subscriptions are for a 12 month times span and includes 1/2 a cup of colored sea salt, a months supply for an average household of 2-4 people. Subscriptions come in a mason jar, and the color for each month can be selected by request or the color of the month will be sent. Subscriptions are $15.99 per month which includes shipping directly to your front door. A 12 month prepayment can also be paid for monthly subscriptions for just $124.99 for the entire year, or a contract agreeing to a monthly $15.99 check. For more information on subscriptions, email coloredsalt@live.com.

 Retail & Online Sales

Online sales are available for the following cost:

1/2 cup of any color of salt (will fill larger salt shakers)

     Table Salt - $3.99 + shipping

     Sea Salt - $5.99 + shipping

1 cup of any color salt

     Table Salt - $7.99 + shipping

     Sea Salt - $9.99 + shipping

 3 cups (size of a retail container of salt)

     Table Salt - $12.99 + shipping

     Sea Salt - $15.99 + shipping

Novelty 2 cup Mason Jar Salt Shaker

     Table Salt - $19.99 (includes shipping)

     Sea Salt - $24.99 (includes shipping)


Wholesale Pricing

KSW Colored Salt is available at a discounted price for resale in retail establishments as well as for use at large scale events and restaurants. Large orders may also qualify for wholesale prices. Email coloredsalt@live.com  for details or inquiries.